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Using Your Car the Right Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you’re an environment enthusiast, commit to the three Rs whenever possible, with a passion to have your hands in the dirt, head in the sun feeding your soul, love trees and everything green, then there’s no doubt you’re going to read this article in less than a few seconds. But if you gave less of a damn to pollution and the hole in the ozone layer that’s definitely getting fatter than your buttocks, then what if I say you can make a change, create an impact to change the climate and reduce carbon emissions by simply using your car the right way? Might as well look for a parking space, park that big careless attitude and read on.

Check for Alternatives.

Travelling in the car with the A.C switched on, on a hot summer’s noon might seem like the best thing to do but why not look for alternatives because it is not only healthy but also environment friendly. If your workplace is closer then consider walking, you will burn off some calories that’s clouding up in your belly and improve your mental health by appreciating the nature around you. If that’s not possible, then consider public transport, make more acquaintances and spend less time hooked in to your smart phone. You can also rent a car and only use it when it’s extremely necessary like when you need to make a visit to your parents in a different city and for monthly grocery shopping.

Reduce Speed Limits.

When you drive crossing your speed limits you’re not only putting your life in danger, but the others too. It’s all fun and games until you’re in hospital bed regretting your about a cliché accident that changed your life. On a serious note, the way you drive your car has an impact in carbon emissions as well. By accelerating slower and not exerting so much pressure on your brake pedals because you’re not at a gym and that is not going to burn off calories. You’re only effectively destructing the fuel economy. So think wise next time you pull brakes and maybe go easy on the gas pedal.

Pick The Right Vehicle.

Next time you walk to a car dealer to buy one or look up for Singapore car rentalon the papers or the internet to rent one, maybe do ponder over how much emission it can release and not only if its exterior and extravagant looks and if all your ten kids can squeeze in. Do consider driving fuel efficient vehicle and consider driving a least polluting fuel efficient car that can also meet your needs. Every small effort can make a huge difference. By simply switching from a 20 to 25mpg car, you can reduce up to 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s up to you decide whether you want to save or destruct our planet.

Carpool Whenever Possible. How many times have you been stuck in the traffic, your car barely moving an inch, the pop songs on the radio giving you a bigger headache and you end up staring at the phone scrolling over social media posts and comparing your life sulking the entire ride home? Carpooling will reduce traffic and pollution, one car less, not so much traffic, not so much road repair and also a whole lot of fun. But with increase of even just one car, there’s pollution on the road, water and air. Maybe take that step and organise a carpool within your workplace or college and contribute to your environment and help people live better lives