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Top Ways for Hotels to Make a VIP Guest Feel Special

If you as a hotel manager/ owner are given the task of entertaining a VIP guest you will have lots of preparatory work to do for sure! Every guest deserves nothing but the best treatment, but you will have to go the extra mile to ensure that a high class visitor feels happy at your establishment. The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you in this regard.

Get to know about the requirements of the visitor

If you can, speak to the secretary or another point of contact of the VIP guest and find out all you can about your guest so that you will be able to provide a great level of service. Make sure you ask about dietary restrictions because you will have to cook special meals for the guest. If you are given an idea about the schedule of your visitor you will be able to think of leisure activities that he/ she will be able to enjoy. You can offer the services but it will be up to the guest to either accept or decline.

Choose the right room

Of course, you have to make sure that the right room is selected for the guest. You will have to give your guest the best room in your hotel. If you have a Presidential Suite with expansive views, your guest will truly be elated. Make sure you give the guest the freedom to choose the room as well. You will have to ensure that the room is meticulously cleaned. If there are any repairs that need to be done, do them right away. Ensure all bathroom amenities are kept and that the bathroom itself is properly cleaned.

Offer a personal butler

You can consider giving the VIP guest a personal butler so all his/ her unique requirements will be met. Cook special meals for the guest and have them delivered to the room promptly if he/ she requires the service. You can always something special, courtesy of the hotel along with the main meal as a gesture of goodwill.

Arrange transport

If the guest needs transport, you will have to arrange it. Make sure you choose a comfortable vehicle along with a personal chauffeur if he/ she needs the service. Look for a leading Limousine charter Singapore has and hire a good vehicle.

Pay attention to the details

You will have to complete your renovations early so that the visitor will not be hassled during the stay. Make sure you find out about the requirements that the visitor will have during the stay too. If he/ she needs to use your meeting rooms, you will have to ensure they are prepared well in advance.

Follow the tips above and make your special guest feel extra special!