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Melbourne man in trouble for Importing performance and Image

Importing a range of steroids and Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) into Australia has landed a 27-year-old Melbourne man in trouble. Australian Border Force (ABF) has initiated action and the person has to appear before court for further proceedings.

On the basis of detailed screening, Australian Border Force (ABF) intercepted international mail packages for three months for this Melbourne man. On the basis of the screening, further investigation was carried out into an online website facilitating local distribution of the prohibited substances. ABF investigators intercepted more than 18 consignments containing and found following Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs. The importer has not disclosed if he has used the services of a Brisbane customs broker.

Human Grown Hormone are marketed as a PIED saying it will keep them feeling and looking youthful. These range of products helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function. Experts in medicine may not agree to this. Some even say these products can be harmful.


Australian Border Force and the New South Wales Police Force jointly seize two tonnes of ephedrine in six months

Australian Border Force (ABF) commenced Operation Accinge, a joint operation with the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) Drug Squad, following information on large scale drug imports. This operation targeted criminal syndicates responsible for importing drugs into Australia. This resulted in the seizure of ephedrine weighing two tonnes in different cases in six months.

In one case two people were arrested with more than 370kg of ephedrine. This was in a joint operation between the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF). In another case ABF officers seized a sea cargo consignment from China with 27kg of ephedrine concealed in a metal canister. In another sea cargo consignment from China 240kg of ephedrine concealed within wall tiles was seized.

ABF initiated Operation Accinge following these detections. In July ABF’s Sydney Container Examination Facility identified a consignment with links to drug syndicate. It contained 30 milking machines with 100kg of ephedrine hidden in silver foil packages.

In July 2017 ABF officers and the NSWPF Drug Squad executed warrants at a residential property in Dundas, Western Sydney and arrested two Chinese nationals and charged with attempting to import commercial quantity of ephedrine. The crime can get the accused maximum penalty 25 years imprisonment or a fine of $900,000. Total 370 kilo grams of ephedrine can be made to 320kg of ice with a street value of AUD 3.2 million. The role of any customs brokers from Brisbane in these imports are not known.

Garry Low of ABF said two tonnes of the precursor chemical ephedrine can be used to make more than 1.8 tonnes of ice. This is the equivalent of 18 million individual hits of ice that the ABF and NSWPF have seized and will now be destroyed.

Tony Cooke NSWPF Drug Squad Commander felt the challenge of ice and other synthetic type drugs is that they are imported as finished product and also manufactured in Australia. Manufacturing is done using precursors such as ephedrine which are illicitly imported or diverted from legitimate