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Ways To Save Money On Car Rentals

Because of our busy work schedule, it is essential to have a car. However, not all of us want to pay an excessive amount of money for car rentals. But the good news is, you actually don’t have to pay that much. Here are some of the tips to help you save money on car rentals. This is true whether you are going on a weekend getaway with family or friends.

Forget About Renting at the Airport

For many people, it is convenient to rent at the airport especially when they are traveling to a new city. But the convenience it offers can come with a fee. You will most likely pay for the surcharges at the airport. As such, check the rental rates at the airport and in the city. List the taxi’s cost to and from your location if you rent from the airport or at from rental location

Visit Car Rental Sites

Check out various sites so you can compare and narrow down your choices of the best deal. Then, inquire directly on the company’s site like the You can possibly find discounts on the company’s websites. This is true if you pay the rentals in advance and it is nonrefundable.

Choose Economy Cars

Economy cars are booked most likely since they are the cheapest. Experts state that booking economy cars can be used to your own advantage. Reserve the most affordable and smallest car. Sometimes, you can get an upgrade for it. However, be careful not to book something which is too small for your group. You can get stuck trying to fit five people plus baggage in a coupe.

One Driver for the Whole Trip

There are some car rental companies that charge you with a fee each day for an extra driver. Sometimes, it can range from $10-$13.

But there are ways to avoid paying for the additional fee. There are companies that waive the driver fee for their spouse. However, you must have the same address indicated on the driver’s licenses. Meanwhile, there are companies that waive the fee not only for the spouse. But also for the immediate members of the family if you put their names in the program.

For others, they can waive the fee for their co-workers who travel together. This is true as long as they rent the car using the employer’s business account.

Forget About the Extras

Lastly, do not avail of any extras anymore. Rental companies can make benefits by offering insurance products, GPS navigation, satellite radio, and others. You can definitely save money if you resist what they offer to you.