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Tips to look after your car battery

Remember that you car battery is the most vital part of your car. Without the car battery, you will not be able to even start your vehicle and get on with your journey. The battery needs the right amount of attention and care to function and to let the other aspects of the vehicle function too. If you want to keep the battery running and maintaining it, here are a few tips that will ensure that you avoid unnecessary problems on the road and unnecessary costs.

Four years

The average life of the battery is approximately four years and therefore, it is best that you the battery is replaced every four years or so, so that the vehicle runs efficiently. You can contact the local 24hr car workshop Singapore shop and have this sorted out. You will not want to suddenly stop half way through your trip and try to sort it out.

Acid level

Something you can do on your own is to check the battery acid every six months to ensure that there is no acid stratification caused when the charge is not full. The electrolytes in the lead-acid battery will be at the bottom of the battery and this is when the acid is stratified. The top of the battery will not have any charge.


You can use some distilled water when you feel like the electrolyte levels are low. You need to ensure that you do not overfill the cells. Using a funnel is the best way to ensure that you control the flow. After filling it up you need use a charge to recharge the battery.

Battery load test

Every month, you should have a mechanic conduct a battery load test. The purpose of this test is to ensure that even during cold weather, the device will function properly.

Clean the battery

Dirt, dust and debris are the worst thing that can come in contact with battery especially if it gets to the calls. Corrosion is another thing that will contribute to the battery not functioning. Use a window cleanser that is ammonia based or water and baking soda might do the trick to remove the crust using a wire brush. No residual of baking soda can be left as this can lead to more corrosion. Also, ensure that you do not let the cleanser fluid through the ports of the battery.


Ensure that the cables are not slacking and therefore, you need to ensure that they are secure and will keep everything together.

Remember that you should never ever leave the car running on to long as it will drain the battery out. Do not leave the car in the garage and not running for more than two days.