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The Best Places to Live and Work in Australia

Australia is a leading tourist destination and an alluring spot for investors and job-seekers alike. With commendable growth in employment in various sectors over the years and a plethora of job opportunities available, it’s no wonder you find yourself drawn to this country. But where exactly should you settle down and work? This list will help you figure out which location will suit you best and you can plan the rest as it goes!


Known for its iconic harbor and other beautiful landmarks, Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city. With a bustling city life, Sydney has a thriving economy to match. Producing an annual, hefty amount of $306 billion of goods and services, Sydney has a thriving business environment with a low unemployment rate. The sectors with most growth in this city include financial and professional services, manufacturing, IT, research and education as well as tourism.


Australia’s second largest city has made its name worldwide as an incredibly livable city with great cultural experiences as well as spectacular night life and dining experiences. This city, in particular, draws the attention of a considerable amount of migrants due to the job opportunities available to them. There are many industries in-demand in this city, including that of construction, nursing, engineering, finance and education.


 Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is growing to be a more popular city with each passing day. The major industries in this city include health care, retail, public administration and education.  If you’re one for a more relaxed lifestyle and good weather conditions coupled with a more affordable cost of living, you can always choose Adelaide as your spot to settle down- that is, if you meet the eligibility requirements. Consider seeking out the best australia immigration consultants in hyderabad to help you smoothen this process and find out all you need to know.


This is third largest city in Australia and has a great economic environment plus a relaxed lifestyle, making for some great prospects for migrants who are looking to settle down. The more popular industries for this area includes hospitality and tourism, commercial business, finance and health.


Hobart has less of the hustle and bustle you’ll find in Australia’s bigger cities and moves at a much slower pace. However, it still has a great economic environment with good prospects for those interested in the fields of construction, automotive, engineering, health and hospitability.

If your area of interest is covered then you just have to choose between a bustling city life or a more relaxed atmosphere. Once you do this, you can look into costs and rates and finally begin your application process and settle down.